Document Management within Brevity

This page outlines the process of managing documents within Brevity.



The Brevity web application allows you to securely store documents against all primary record types, that include Clients, Service schedules, Employee, Invoices and Timesheets, Care and Plan management, Service Providers, Branch and Organisation, Quotes, training, leave, incidents, goals, notes, client funding and service profiles, plan reviews, staff warnings and appraisals, medication and related contacts. Document storage can also be established against custom record sets within Brevity web application.

Documentation related with the branch and client records, can be be reviewed through the Brevity Care mobile app and Brevity Self Service portal. Access to this documentation is subject to the assigned viewing rights.

There are no restrictions on the size, type or quantity of files that can be uploaded into the document panel.


Using Document Management Panel


Features associated with the Document folder include:

  1. Creating folders using the link in the right panel.

  2. Upload files using the link in the right panel, or drag and drop multiple files from your computer to the right panel

  3. Change the view between list view and icon view using the horizontal blue icon located on the top right

  4. Search for the documents using the search box.

  5. Delete a file or Share a file with a client/employee via the portal by clicking the related file more menu and selecting the appropriate option. You can also download the file, or move the file to different folders.

  6. Click on the uploaded file to preview the Files


If you elect to maintain folders for the purposes of categorising and grouping documents you can utilise the breadcrumb trail to move between the different folders within the document panel


Document Preview

The document module in Brevity support by an in-built document viewer that allows you to easily view documents, without needing to download them.