Sync Xero

In order to sync timesheets between Brevity and Xero, you need to map the Pay Rate Loading (Brevity Pay Items) to the Pay Items you have in Xero. If you don't setup this mapping, Brevity cannot sync the timesheets to Xero. 

Checking the Brevity Pay Rate Loading mappings to Xero Pay Items

  1. To view the mappings between Brevity and Xero, from Pay Rate Loading (Administration > Pay Rate Loading) check the Pay Item column to determine where the hours will be going to in Xero. You can see the Pay Items that is linked to each Pay Rate from here...

  2. Each Pay Rate in Brevity should correspond to the Pay Item in Xero. If there is no Pay Item from Xero that is linked to the Pay Rate in Brevity, all the hours that will be under that time will not be sync to Xero.

  3. You could ask Xero support on how you could create a pay template in Xero.

Configuring the Employee Pay item in Xero

We recommended that you setup a pay item in Xero that is a 1x multiple of the employees ordinary hour rate to reduce the setup required in Brevity. This will allow you to map your Pay Item from Xero to the preconfigured setup in Brevity without any additional setup in Brevity. It is also recommend that you have just one Pay Item in Xero for Evening, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday that is a multiple of the employees ordinary hour rate.

  1. You can configure these Pay Items in Xero under Settings > Payroll settings > Pay Items.

  2. From here you can create the Pay Item with 1x Multiple.




If you don't already have multiple rates setup for Evening, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, we recommend you create them using the same setup as above but with the correct Multiple value.

Importing the Xero Pay Item into Brevity

Before you can map the pay items in Brevity, you need to import the Pay Items from Xero into Brevity. To do this, navigate to Administration > Sync Xero and select the following options below, then complete the sync..

Mapping Xero Pay Items to Brevity Pay Rate Loading

Return to the Pay Rate Loading section in Brevity (Administration > Pay Rate Loading). From here double-click into each entry and ensure they are mapped to the related Pay Items in Xero by selecting the Xero Pay Item in the Pay Item field. You can also create new Pay Rate Loading records here if you wish to match the Brevity setup to what you have in Xero. 

You need to select every Earning Line for each line item in Xero. If there is a missing pay item in Xero, Brevity will not sync the total hours for that specific pay item.

The illustration above explains the Syncing of the timesheet from Brevity to Xero. On the illustration above, the employee's saturday will not be sync because there is no Pay Item in Xero that will receive the total number of hours they work on Saturday. So it is important that you sync all the pay item that you specify in the Pay Rate Loading into Employee's Pay Template in Xero.


  1. To configure sleepover allowances with fixed pay rate, you need to create a new pay pricelists from Administration > Pricelists. You then need to add the related Service Types to the pricelist and and set the pay rates.

  2. You will also need to double-click into each service type on the pricelist and set which Pay Item these should be mapped to..

  3. Finally, you will need to assign this pay pricelist to the employee so the system knows how to deal with the shifts that the employee does for this service type...




Travel and Transport 

  1. To configure transfer of travel time and mileage allowances, you need to first enable these allowances for the employees via their employee profile. 

  2. You then need to set the pay items to use for the transfer via Administration > Branch Setup.