This page guides you through the process of enabling your MYOB account, connecting it with Brevity and syncing your data from brevity through to MYOB.


You can connect your MYOB account to the Brevity application to bring in your existing client and employee data from MYOB into Brevity, process it and sync back to MYOB. You can sync your MYOB account with client, employee, invoice and timesheet data.

Follow the steps outlined in this guide to connect your MYOB account with Brevity and to sync your data.

Enabling MYOB 

To enable the MYOB settings within Brevity observe the following steps:

  1. Click on the username that can be found on the upper right corner of Brevity Software.

  2. Click on the settings option from the drop down menu to open the Brevity Settings page.

  3. From within the settings page, click on the Integration tab to open the integration page.

  4. Click on the MYOB Enable Button to Enable the MYOB feature within your Brevity instance.





Integrate MYOB with Brevity

To integrate MYOB with Brevity observe the following steps:

  1. After enabling MYOB, you can connect your MYOB account to Brevity by selecting the Administration>Sync MYOB menu option.

  2. The MYOB data sync page will open.

  3. To connect your MYOB account click the Connect Button.

  4. Sign into your MYOB account by typing in your email address and password.

  5. Click on the Sign in button.

  6. Click on the Allow Access Button to authorise Brevity to connect to your MYOB Account.

  7. Go back into Brevity, select the Administration>Sync MYOB menu option.

  8. Before Brevity is able to talk to your MYOB company file, you will need to login with the username and password that has access to the company file.

  9. A confirmation will be received once the login is successful... The MYOB data sync page will be presented.

  10. One the MYOB data sync page, you can select several options for syncing your data either from or to MYOB:

    1. Sync Data - You can select whether your are going to sync from MYOB to Brevity or from Brevity to MYOB.

    2. Select Records to Sync - This section provides three options.

               I. ALL - This option will sync all the records even if they have already been synced. Take note that using this option will double the records that are registered into MYOB

               II. Updated Only - This option will check for any updated records and it will sync to Brevity or MYOB.

               III. Unsynced Only - This option will never sync the data from Brevity or MYOB.

    3. Select Entities to Sync - You can select different sections from Brevity or MYOB to sync. You need to select an entity if you are syncing the data from Brevity or MYOB.

  11. After selecting the options, click on the continue button to take you to the data preview page.

  12. All the data for the selected entities will be shown in their corresponding tabs, you can click the tabs to see the entity data.

  13. If there are validation errors, they will highlighted in red, and they will need to be corrected before the sync is undertaken otherwise those records will be skipped during the data sync.

  14. Click Sync data to start with the data sync process.

  15. Once the sync is complete, it will show the Complete Screen informing you that you have successfully completed the syncing of your MYOB to Brevity.







Importing the MYOB Payroll Categories into Brevity

Before you can map the Payroll Categories in Brevity, you need to import the Payroll Categories from MYOB into Brevity. To do this, navigate to Administration > Sync MYOB and select the following options below, then complete the sync..

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Mapping MYOB Payroll Categories to Brevity Pay Rate Loading

Return to the Pay Rate Loading section in Brevity (Administration > Pay Rate Loading). From here double-click into each entry and ensure they are mapped to the related PayPayroll Categories in MYOB by selecting the MYOB Payroll Categories in the Pay Item field. You can also create new Pay Rate Loading records here if you wish to match the Brevity setup to what you have in MYOB. 

You need to select every Earning Line for each line item in MYOB. If and Pay Rate is not mapped, Brevity will not sync the total hours for that specific Payroll Category.

The illustration above explains the Syncing of the timesheet from Brevity to MYOB. On the illustration above, the employee's saturday will not be sync because there is no Payroll Categories in MYOB that will receive the total number of hours they work on Saturday. So it is important that you sync all the Payroll Categories that you specify in the Pay Rate Loading into Employee's Pay Template in MYOB.


  1. To configure sleepover allowances with fixed pay rate, you need to create a new pay pricelists from Administration > Pricelists. You then need to add the related Service Types to the pricelist and and set the pay rates.

  2. You will also need to double-click into each service type on the pricelist and set which Payroll Categories these should be mapped to..

  3. Finally, you will need to assign this pay pricelist to the employee so the system knows how to deal with the shifts that the employee does for this service type...




Travel and Transport 

  1. To configure transfer of travel time and mileage allowances, you need to first enable these allowances for the employees via their employee profile. 

  2. You then need to set the Payroll Category to use for the transfer via Administration > Branch Setup.